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Shakti Shoji


Distinctive Shoji Screens

A Unique Blend of Colors, Curves and Traditions

Shoji screens and lamps are known for their soft, sensual light and Japanese style and simplicity. Shakti Shoji custom made shoji screens, shoji doors and shoji lamp tables are distinguished by their artistic elements of color, curves and graceful patterns. A simple touch further reveals the fine quality craftsmanship and warm sensual finishes.  The Shakti Shoji Studio of Seattle, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest, excels in using richly colored hand made papers to create stunning effects that can change the energy in any room.

Shakti Shoji Window Screens

The beauty of light through shoji when combined with Shakti Shoji elements of color and texture can transform any room into a magical space.


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Shakti Shoji Doors

Shakti Shoji door screens provide an elegant element for privacy while allowing light to pass through. 


Shakti Shoji Lamp Tables

Shakti Shoji Lamp Tables are designed to complement and illuminate patio and deck furniture.


Shakti Shoji  Panels    Angled  Shoji Wall and Doors by Shakti Shoji  

Shakti Shoji is unique in offering traditional panel styles, screens with unusual shapes and applications, and custom wood or copper designs.

Shakti Shoji Papers 

Shakti Shoji specializes in using richly colored hand made papers as a variation to enhance the traditional style.




Shoji screen repair, Cutting Boards, Wooden Pens, Custom Carving, Custom Woodwork, and everything else from the Shakti Shoji Studio and associates.

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The Shakti Shoji Studio of Seattle creates beautiful custom shoji window screens, shoji doors, shoji patio lamp tables and shoji lamps.  Shakti Shoji designs shoji with traditional panel styles, unusual angled shoji as well as custom curved wood and/or copper designs.  Other  unique products from associates of the Shakti Shoji studio include cutting boards, wood pens, coins and medallions, graphic art and more.

Shakti Shoji is committed to building our shoji as "green" as possible. All our shoji screens are designed so they are easy to re-paper thus increasing longevity.  We use reclaimed and Forest Steward Council approved wood whenever possible.  We will go out of our way to see that every scrap of wood is used to it's fullest potential.  Shakti Shoji is also featured in one of the greenest home building projects on the Pacific Coast, "Going Green at the Beach."

The Shakti Shoji Studio is located in the artistic neighborhood of Fremont of Seattle, Washington.  Owner, Jackie DeVincent, began making shoji in 1991 while working with the late designer and builder, Tom Lucas. 

Our creative goal at Shakti Shoji is bringing colorful light, curves and graceful forms, all elements of Shakti, the female energy principle, to balance the more yang (masculine) aspect of square functional construction so often seen in traditional shoji screens.  We want to create functional shoji that are beautiful to see, warm to touch and glow inside and outside.

Our goal for you as a customer is to work with you to create the best shoji for your situation.  Whether it's the thickness of the sticks or making trim and kickplates to blend in with your room, Shakti Shoji believes custom work is like being of service to manifesting your wishes.  Experience the difference at Shakti Shoji.


For more information about Shakti Shoji screens, tables and lamps, or other products, email or call 206-329-8050


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