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Shakti Shoji Window Screens


The beauty of light through shoji when combined with Shakti Shoji elements of curves and color can transform any room into a magical space. Shakti Shoji custom design window screens are works of art.  All our shoji window screens, whether traditional or with design, are custom made to fit windows precisely and beautifully.  Shakti Shoji window screens are available with tracks to move either up and down, or side to side.  Window screens can also be made as bi-folds, with hinges or with pivot hardware. 


"Crescent Moon Shoji"


I created this shoji for a friend who likes the moon and has huge windows with little privacy. Measuring about 3' wide and 5' tall, The Crescent Moon Shoji breaks up the expanse gracefully and strategically, drawing attention to the moon in the window (rather than the moon in the bathroom.)

Recycled Fir Two Circles Joining



Shoji screens over windows can actually make a room brighter, which can be desirable, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  The textures and vibrant colors available with exotic "rice " papers imbue the room with even more enriched energy.  Shakti Shoji's geometric forms bring another whole dimension to any window.



Recycled Fir with Synskin and Thai Unru

Shakti Shoji screens add a touch of distinction to otherwise ordinary surroundings.  This 2 panel set of screens with it's burgundy circle in the center, called "Sol" can warm the energy anywhere. 


The wood is recycled Fir and highly textured papers.


MOVING SALE!  SOL is ON SALE for  $350!

The measurements, including the pine frame, are

36" wide by 25 5/8" high.

It can be shipped or retrofitted for your window.

Contact us to purchase SOL.


"Sol" Shoji with Burgundy Circle in Center of two  Shakti Shoji Window Panels


"Dancing Leaves, Twinkling Star"



Shakti Shoji window screens can be festive as well as meditative.




Alder wood with Unru Center, Paper leaves and Mulberry

The fairly simple paper and cat eye design in this pair of screens were used to offset the rich character of the cherry frame. 


Cherry wood with Kinwashi and Thai Unru

Cherry Cat Eye Shoji with Kinwashi and Thai Unryu Papers


"Smoking Eyes"

"Kat's Eyes"


These "cat's eye" design screens were originally designed to cover a pair of basement windows that are about 10 feet apart



Pine with Kinwashi and Thai Unru


Shakti Shoji circle design, seen also at the top of the page, brought a distinctive focal point to this home, both within and outside the house.


Spanish Cedar with Synskin and Thai Unru


"Blue Moon"



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