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The price of custom Shakti Shoji depends on many variables such as size of the screen(s), the choices of the wood, paper, grid patterns, finish, installation, etc. 

As a rule, shoji screens with traditional , rectangular grids generally run $25-$40 per square foot . *    As an example, an average size door of 3'x7' has 21 square feet and could cost about $700.  Double sided screens are, of course, more expensive, as are patterns that use more sticks.

Custom curved design shoji and unusual angle shoji can run $50-$100 per square foot * and depend greatly on the complexity of the design. 

There is a minimum price per screen of $350.

If our prices seem within your range, please contact us and we will work with you to provide a more accurate estimate for your situation.  The factors we will ask you to consider are:

Wood Preferences

Finish Preferences

Paper Choices

Grid Pattern

Double or Single Sided Screens


Hardware Preferences

Track Requirements

Quality Preferences**

Installation Options and Requirements***


*To determine the square footage, measure the area to be covered, and multiply the width times the height.  (If you measure in inches divide by 144)  This should give you the square footage.

**Some customers prefer the best materials and demand more attention to detail.  Others are happy with knots and dings or may not care at all what a screen might look like from a distance or from behind. If you know yourself to lean in one direction or the other, please let us know and we can adjust prices and expectations accordingly. 

***We are located in the Fremont area of Seattle, Washington, USA and generally install our work for local customers.  Some installations are simple, some much more complicated.  We offer construction services for some installations on an hourly basis.  We can also interface with your contractors as needed.  We will travel far but travel time may be charged accordingly.


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